If you’ve never produced your own video project, welcome to our blog!

We’ve been thinking a lot about the state of the art (when it comes to the work we do) for quite a while.  It’s certainly evolved – from the early days back when we started, and in this case, I’m thinking about broadcast TV, when only millionaires ran the business.  Back then, the main product was 30 second spots, most of the production took place in a TV studio, and a client had better be prepared with a small boatload of money to make their production real.

Now, fast forward to the early 80’s, when an explosion of advances in video tape and editing began to put the power of television into the hands of the small entrepreneur; making television and it’s distribution available to many more businesses like yours.  Of course, we were still cramped by technology from the mid 50s, which limited us in speed of completion, making improvements to the finished video, and distribution.

And then. . .digital “desktop” technology melded with the original “analog”, eventually supplanting it, and making productions easier than ever to create. This and other innovations, combined with something you may have heard of – the internet. Today, a video can be finished in substantially less time than ever before.  It can go out to a potential audience of millions, thanks to YouTube, or Vimeo, or, “embedded” in your website, just to name a few distribution methods, all at a substantially reduced cost.

Believe it – video is in an ongoing revolution, and you’re about to be a part of it.  Welcome!

We’ve had potential contacts totally in the dark when it comes to stepping into the production of their project.  We’ve used the experience of over 40 years in the broadcast TV business to help those clients understand what goes into a project.  So, to help answer some of your questions and perhaps enlighten you in a way that’ll take some of the sting out of creating your video, we’ll attempt to throw some simple guidance your way – guidance that we hope will result in your video project running smoother than attempting to scale it on your own – tips that will the journey from concept to completion, a bit easier. . .even fun.